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At Accuro, we are driven by a vision of being a progressive force for good for our clients, our staff and our industry.

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We believe that successful trust management is only possible when you have a deep understanding of family dynamics. That is what makes Accuro different. No matter how complex your family dynamics may be, you will find us aligned to your vision of a commitment to future generations and the future of the world we live in.

Our mission is to care for families
and their wealth responsibly
across generations

In every conceivable manner, family is the link to our past and
the bridge to our future.

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We follow a unifying vision

Accuro is a progressive trust and private office company that is founder, management- and staff-owned. The way we operate is driven and shaped by a unique vision, one that is only made possible by our independence.

Our vision drives how we specialize in the private wealth sector and provide services to families, entrepreneurs and family businesses around the globe. As responsible stewards of our clients’ assets and ambitions, we currently oversee and administer $16.5 billion of assets.

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Your world is different
So is ours

True understanding of the complex dynamics of families and their assets is something that can only be achieved through expertise, experience and building trusted relationships that stand the test of time. As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we promote responsible enterprise and growth that benefits current and future generations. It is our holistic view of our clients’ wealth and evolving needs, combined with our sense of responsibility to people, the planet and our industry, that makes Accuro a distinctive choice for families globally.



Our values guide our actions in everything we do.

How we help


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At Accuro, we are driven to be a progressive force for good, for our clients, our industry, and the wider communities in which we operate. That is why we are proud that our responsible stewardship and our commitment to making a difference has been recognized by winning leading industry awards.

Award for Accuro
Award for Accuro
David Howes

Accuro’s focus on values and client service impressed the judges. In particular, they praised the support it provides its employees, its ownership model, its healthy annual growth figures and its commitment to its values.

This includes legally binding changes to its articles of association committing to having a positive impact on society and the environment.

Our innovative vision has been praised by STEP Presiding Judges for our 4th STEP Award

Let us help you make
your vision a reality

Everything in life starts with a conversation. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ambitions with you and how we can make a difference to your vision.
We have 150 dedicated practitioners based in Jersey, Geneva, Mauritius and
London. Each of them is committed to delivering bespoke expert services to you,
your family and your business.
Contact us today to experience the Accuro difference first hand.