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Accuro accredited as a STEP Platinum Employer Partner

We are delighted to announce that Accuro Fiduciary has been accredited as a Platinum Employee Partner with STEP in all three of its jurisdictions: Jersey, Geneva and Mauritius.

In achieving Platinum recognition, Accuro reaffirms its dedication to the development of the business through its investment in the individuals that make up the whole. Accuro continues to demonstrate its commitment to learning and development which is championed from the top of our organisation. Accuro’s is a culture that fosters growth, and this accolade only further establishes this reality.

Jenni Hutchinson, STEP’s Head of Employer Partnerships, said: ‘I am delighted to be able to accredit Accuro Fiduciary as a Platinum Employer Partner, the highest level of employer accreditation offered by STEP.  There is comprehensive evidence of a culture of support where community, positivity and staff wellbeing are paramount.  It is clear that the importance of learning and development is championed from the top of the organisation and that the senior management team lead the way by example.  I have no doubt that this attention to supporting employee development contributes towards their impressive staff retention rate of more than 93%.  Many congratulations to you all.’

Megan Toal, Group Head of Human Resources at Accuro added: ‘We are particularly pleased to have achieved STEP’s platinum partnership status Group wide. Learning and development continues to be a focus of our strategic objectives through the diverse offerings of the Accuro Academy and we are excited about some interesting future growth opportunities that are being planned for the year ahead.’

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