Accuro announces a new partnership with Paragon +Impact in pursuit of its vision towards a more sustainable future

London, February 26, 2024

Accuro, the leading independent trust and private office company, is delighted to announce it has taken a significant step to accelerate its pursuit of the 2030 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Accuro has engaged Paragon +Impact to conduct an objective and inclusive materiality assessment. The outcome thereof will guide Accuro to further its impact strategy against its identified SDGs.

Using the Paragon +Impact system, which is being adopted by financial institutions and NGOs across the UK, Europe and South Africa, Accuro will be working closely with the Paragon +Impact sustainability team to integrate impact reporting and assessment into its business activities.

Paul Douglas Managing Director – Jersey, Accuro says, “Through our vision of being “a progressive force for good” for our clients, our people and the planet, the need to collaborate with subject matter experts like Paragon +Impact is essential. We are delighted to be one of the first Trust and Fiduciary companies to demonstrate impact management and meaningful reporting against the SDGs to such an evidence-based level, thereby being able to reassure our stakeholders that they are part of a transition to a more sustainable and net positive future”.

Talking about the partnership, Paragon CEO Philip Faure says, “We are delighted to support Accuro in setting an example to its clients and stakeholders on how it is possible to manage and report against impact to demonstrate transition and legacy, that is more than just wealth, to future generations.”

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