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Accuro expands commitment to matters of equality by signing up to 51 Employers Pledge to raise menopause awareness

The signing of the 51 Employers Charter represents Accuro’s commitment to ensuring we are accountable to make positive changes toward being a menopause friendly-business.

Paul Douglas, Managing Director of Accuro’s Jersey office, said: “The recognition of menopausal health is important to us at Accuro as it relates to gender, wellbeing and age equality in the workplace. Our signing of this pledge reflects our commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive environment. In doing so we aim to be a positive force for the change needed in our industry on a subject which people have previously avoided.”

Becky Hone, Chief People Officer of Accuro’s Group added: “We are delighted to publically support this pledge, and as a business with 66% of our workforce as female, we see it as a priority to take the necessary actions across our whole group to bring this pledge to life. We consider fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can be their best and feel supported in doing so as a priority. Menopause awareness is not well understood in most working environments and we want to do what we can to change this.”

Paul Douglas

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