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Accuro Trust Jersey flies the flag for Brighter Futures

Accuro is a proud supporting partner to ‘fly the flag’ for Brighter Futures.

Brighter Futures is a local charity which supports parents, families and young people in Jersey.

Since 2008, Brighter Futures has assisted over 2,200 families benefitting over 8,800 islanders. Working alongside the main carer, their educational model provides families with the tools they need to cope. Supporting 150 families at any one time, they focus on 3 key areas:

  • Relationships between parents and their children;
  • Well-being and positive mental health; and
  • Personal development and second chance learning.

The symbolic act of flying a flag provides an opportunity to raise public awareness of the Brighter Futures community spirit and impact.

We at Accuro care for our local community and part of our responsibility is to bring support to local charities and causes helping them to make a difference.

If you wish to similarly support Brighter Futures and to fly their flag, contact [email protected]

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