Private Office

Private office: preserving your family’s legacy and embracing sustainability for generations to come

Families are remarkably diverse in terms of history, vision, culture, size, interests, mission and values. The landscape for wealth-owning families is also rapidly evolving and becoming more complex and volatile. Mega-trends like climate change, globalisation, and increased wealth inequality have brought adverse economic, social and geopolitical consequences. This challenging context is front of mind of many wealthy family members who are looking to sustain and grow family wealth in a responsible manner across generations.

Different by Design

Accuro’s purpose is to care for families and their wealth responsibly across generations. Our Private Office offering has been designed to assist families in achieving their financial and non-financial objectives based on their collective vision for the future. Whether you wish to outsource your Private Office requirements (saving time and costs) or to build on the existing capabilities of your family office, our team of 150 specialists is available to help you do so. Acting as a seamless extension of your family and advisory team, Accuro Private Office works collaboratively with your vision in mind.

A trusted extension of your team

Our knowledge and expertise enables us to assist families in navigating through the complex issues of today, including geopolitical risks, legal, tax and regulatory risks, technology-driven change, financial and succession planning.

By engaging our Private Office, individuals and their families can outsource the administration of their personal assets in the knowledge they are being cared for, in line with their family’s values, freeing up their time and providing peace of mind.

Built on the unique needs of each family

We administer a wide range of assets and offer simple or more bespoke solutions depending on your unique requirements, providing you with a single dedicated point of contact who will ensure and oversee seamless delivery.

We are well versed in collaborating with clients’ existing advisors to provide coordination where needed to ensure roles do not overlap unnecessarily.

Our services include:

  • Asset and wealth owning structures’ review
  • Wealth structures for long-term wealth preservation and needs of global families
  • Wealth administration, reporting and consolidation across financial and non-financial assets
  • Family governance
  • Compliance
  • Next generation education
  • Cross-border planning, reporting and information exchange
  • Estate planning
  • Document safe storage
  • Charitable giving and structuring

Why Accuro?

  • Experience built on nearly 50 years’ experience of servicing high net worth international families.
  • Being owner and staff managed allows independent thinking and objectivity which enables us to take a long-term approach to wealth planning strategy and support clients according to their needs on a bespoke basis.
  • Access to Accuro’s carefully selected network of wealth advisors based on established and trusted relationships.
  • We address fundamental questions and achieve clarity for family priorities, defining and executing a clear strategy to preserve wealth across generations. We ensure personal vision and financial objectives are met.
  • We understand the sensitivities and cultural differences of each family. We are thoughtful in our approach and transparent, when quite often there may be diverse interests which can lead to overwhelming complexity and differences.
  • We are trusted by our clients to be progressive in our thinking and have extensive experience of working alongside families to balance their desire to preserve wealth alongside the sustainable ambitions of the younger generation.

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